Conveyor Chains with Outboard Rollers

40S2-SR 50SF1-C 60S2-C 100S2

The outboard roller chain construction creates a compact conveyor. This conveyor can flex backward, which allows for a simple layout on the return side. A conveyor can easily be made with small items without the need for a pallet, thanks to its large number of possible rollers.

Dimensions of Conveyor Chains with Outboard Rollers

Choosing Sprockets For Outboard Roller Chains

Proper sprockets are essential components of a well-functioning chain. These products will increase your chain’s productivity in all kinds of applications. They are also available in many sizes and types. You should consider how strong your chain can handle as well as how much tension you will need when choosing a sprocket.

The ANSI standards define the dimensions and design of roller chain transmissions. JIS standards are used by the Japanese and Korean industries, but they do not allow for interchangeability of sprockets. To find out more about compatibility between the various sprockets, it is important to get in touch with the manufacturers. ANSI sprockets are thought of as simple mechanical devices, but they are highly versatile.

There are many materials that can be used to make the sprockets in outboard motors. They can be made of cast iron, aluminum or bronze as well as steel. Sprockets are also available in nylon.

Make sure you measure the shaft diameter when choosing sprockets to fit outboard roller chains. There are sprockets with more teeth than others. Some have larger teeth, while others may have smaller ones. It doesn’t matter what size or type of sprocket you have. It is important to determine the correct size and pitch to allow the system to work properly.

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