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Zhejiang, China

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Gear Box

Supply Ability

Supply Ability:
75000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month

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Bigbag,wooden box.
Lead Time
Max.30 days after recieveing payment

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Omeroglu Metalurji have involved iron, ductile (nodular) iron and steel casting business since 1991.Our company owner’s exprience on casting business is for more then 40 years.Our product are agricultural equipment parts,automotive parts,valves,elevator system and machinery parts and etc.We are casting agricultural machinery parts such as gearbox bodies, frontal covers,rear covers,rods,gears,valve bodies,bonnets,flanges,stems for world renowned Turkish companies.Our casting capacity per unit is between 1 kg to 5 tons.We want to help you for your machine parts and other casting products with our quality and experience. Our manufacturing schedule is here below, Manufacturing Schedule; Our typical manufacturing schedule starts with the recieving order from our customers. According to the order ,it requires to prepare the raw materials such as pig iron,scrap steel etc. And also requires manufactured materials such as cores. So pattern and core boxes which has been sent from our customers are prepped for the production. Core room starts working first, and gets cores ready for molds which are being made.Meanwhile mold halves ( upper and lower ) are made and placed to the assembly area.At the assembly area, molds are flow coated and cores are set in place. The mold is then closed up for pouring. After molds are staged on line,melted raw materials with our electircal induction furnace brougth to the molds and pouring process starts. Once poured, the molds are allowed to cool before next being sent to the shakeout. At the shakeout, the castings are separated from the sand mold. The sand is sent to a reclamation system so that it can be reused in the molding process.After shakeout is done,castings are sent to the cleaning room where they are prepared for costumers specifications. Processing in the cleaning room includes shot blasting, cut-off, welding, heat treating and inspection. 1-Receving order 2-Schedule a)Core Making a-1)Molding a-1-a)Flow Coat a-1-b)Assembly b)Melting b-1)Spectro 3)Pouring and Shakeout 4)Cleaning room a)Shot-blast b)Cut-off c)Welding d)Grinding e)Inspection f)Heat treatment