Outstanding resistance to corrosion and heat that permits use in virtually everywhere
There are two kinds of Stainless Steel Chain: SS and SSK. The SS form has the highest resistance to corrosion and heat. However, it is produced completely of austenite stainless steel and hence its tensile strength is somewhat lower than 70% of the common roller chain, and optimum allowable load drops to a bit above 10%.
By using precipitation hardened stainless steel for your pins, bushes and rollers, the SSK variety has one.5 occasions higher greatest allowable load compared to your SS style. Choose SSK when you want more strength than SS, or wish longer item lifestyle.
Each forms have equivalent corrosion resistance.
Advisable uses
?Situations exposed to mild alkaline and mild acidic
chemical agents, sea water and wastewater. Many chemical plats and water treatment method plants.
?Ailments of substantial temperature
Heat-treating furnaces, dry furnaces, incinerators
Choice of chains
Stainless Steel Chain has reduced normal tensile power and greatest allowable load compared towards the conventional roller chain.
Connecting back links and offset backlinks
R connecting back links are used for Stainless Steel Chains #60 or smaller and C connecting back links for #80 or greater. 2POJ offset backlinks are applied for sizes #25, and OJ backlinks for all other sizes.
Typical sprockets for Stainless Steel chains may be employed because the dimensions are the exact same as normal roller chains.
Like a basic residence of stainless steel, pressure corrosion
cracking and pitting corrosion can be brought on by chlorine and chlorine ion (CR-).
The chart on correct demonstrates the information of exams on the degree of corrosion resistance for every medium and won’t promise the efficiency with the chains. Please take into consideration the circumstances, temperature, degree and various overall condition when using.