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XinLan is a manufacturer that develops and produces various agricultural gearboxes, integrating design, manufacturing and processing. Mainly produce agricultural gearboxes, tractor gearboxes, automobile gearboxes and agricultural machinery gearbox parts. The company has strong technical force and complete equipment. In addition, we can also produce customized transmissions, gear motors, electric motors and other hydraulic products according to customers’ drawings.

We have the experience of foreign advanced technology, advanced equipment, professional management team and complete process flow, and we strictly follow the ISO9001/ts16949 standard production, thus ensuring the quality of each ex-factory product. While establishing a good reputation among customers with “reasonable prices and timely delivery”, the company has established a solid supply and demand relationship with many domestic users and manufacturers. At the same time, 80% of the company’s products are exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy, Malaysia, Australia, the Middle East and other countries and regions. Well received by users.

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1.Easy to install

It can adapt to different installation directions.

2.High precision

It is processed by carburizing, quenching and grinding to realize high-precision closed gear transmission.

3.No oil leakage

It adopts imported double-lip oil seal, which has extremely high dust-proof and oil-leakage ability.

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Function introduction of agricultural gearbox?

Agricultural gearboxes are widely used in agricultural machinery, such as lawn mowers, rice harvesters, grain transportation and storage, rotary tillers, etc. In order to adapt to this application, we have produced different gearboxes, including rotary tiller gearboxes, lawnmower gearboxes, rice harvester gearboxes…

Introduction to the principle of gearbox?

Manual gearboxes are mainly composed of gears and shafts, which produce variable speed torque torque through different gear combinations; automatic gearboxes are composed of hydraulic torque converters, planetary gears and hydraulic control systems, which achieve variable speed torque through hydraulic transmission and gear combinations…

Installation and adjustment of the lawn mower?

The lawn mower should be placed or fixed on a solid, flat foundation. The workplace should be spacious and equipped with fire prevention measures. Match the motor in strict accordance with the power and speed specified in the manual. The power line should not be less than 6 square millimeters. The current value of electrical loads such as power switches, sockets, plugs, etc. shall not be less than the calibration of the rated current of the motor…

Maintenance of agricultural gearbox?

First, check the tightness of the gearbox carefully. If there is any looseness, you must adjust the tightness immediately to avoid oil leakage. For agricultural machinery oil, if it is old oil, it must be replaced regularly. When changing the new oil, it is best to release the hot oil, and then clean the diesel. The replaced oil must meet the standard requirements, and pay attention to the amount of new oil not too much or too little. In the process of shifting operation, pay special attention to the best and complete separation of the clutch, and then gently manipulate the shift lever, and at the same time, the force should not be too violent during the shifting process…

Some simple knowledge introduction of gearbox transmission parts?

The gearbox is the main transmission component of the wind turbine. The gearbox is mainly located between the sub-wheel and the generator to transmit power to increase the speed. It is a heavy-duty gear transmission device that works under the action of irregular changing loads and instantaneous strong impact loads…

Analysis of China’s gear development prospects?

In order to realize the miniaturization of the gear device, the bearing thrust of the existing involute gear can be increased. Countries generally use hard tooth surface technology to increase the hardness and reduce the size of the equipment; it can also be used to express the tooth profile of a special gear. With the trend of medium-speed diesel engines for power generation, the use of high-power planetary gears in large ships is effective…

Gearbox assembly details?

In the process of assembling the gearbox, it is divided into component assembly, part assembly and general assembly, which need to be carried out in a certain order. In component assembly, it is necessary to combine two or more components into one assembly; in the component assembly stage, the combination of parts and components constitutes an independent component mechanism. In the general assembly, the assembled parts, components and related components are connected to form the entire mechanical structure…

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Agricultural Gearbox For Manure Spreader

Agricultural Gearbox For Micro Tiller

Agricultural Gearbox For Flail Mower

Agricultural Gearbox For Generator

Agriculture Gearbox For Rotary Harrows

Agricultural Pto gearbox for power generator

Gearbox For Lagoon Pumps

Agricultural Gearbox For Offset Mowers

The main structure of the gearbox

The box body is an important part of the gearbox. It reacts to the force of the wind wheel and gears. It must have sufficient rigidity to withstand the force and torque, prevent deformation, and ensure the transmission quality. The design of the box body should be carried out in accordance with the layout, processing and assembly conditions of the fan, which is convenient for inspection and maintenance. Attention should be paid to the different directions of the bearing and the support to support the reaction force and its relative value. It is necessary to strengthen the selection of the appropriate support structure and the thickness of the membrane wall.

Application area

Gearboxes have a wide range of applications and can be used in various industries.

Wind power field

Ship transportation field

Agricultural machinery field

Petrochemical industry





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